Are you a Nutritionist?  Doctor?  Personal Trainer?  Mental Health Counselor?  With the vital data provided by HTMA, you'll be in an even more informed position to guide your clients, create dietary  and

fitness programs, avoid heart

disease & other conditions, 

and solve many physical and

mental health concerns.

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As mineral imbalance affects your energy level, thyroid, digestion, susceptibility to dis-ease, emotions, and even personality,

HTMA provides the window through which to view this relationship between the minerals in your tissues and how they are effecting you in all areas. Ultimately, those minerals control in many ways your physical and emotional destiny.  

HTMA provides the roadmap to the foundation of all nutrition, and health. 

Integrative Health Coaching specializes in HTMA, offering one of North America's leading HTMA assessment services.

I work exclusively with Trace Elements Inc for hair sample lab testing, and I work with clients worldwide. As a uniquely specialized expert in HTMA and mineral balancing, the report I create for you is one of the most comprehensive reports out there - explaining:

* What your mineral levels (deficiencies and excesses) and key ratios mean, and how they're impacting your health;

* Which nutrients your body needs and which commonly promoted supplements might actually be harming you;

* Dietary, supplementation, adrenal, and detox protocols customized to bring YOUR levels (and health) back into better balance.

New to HTMA? Here you'll learn why HTMA is far superior to blood testing when it comes to determining mineral balances. Learn about the interrelationship of minerals, how an

imbalance could be

affecting your condition,

why HTMA isn't more

well known, and how to

choose a testing lab.


Everyone, to some degree, is affected by mineral imbalance in their body.  HTMA is an important diagnostic tool that provides key indicators behind a wide range of conditions affected by mineral imbalance, including: fatigue & adrenal problems, thyroid issues, weight gain, blood sugar problems, depression, anxiety, personality changes, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, reactivity to stress, addictions, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, risk of heart attack, hypoglycaemia, liver and kidney problems, digestive issues, inflammation, PMS, and even skin problems.  It is a screening test that also, in many cases, can identify serious health risks many years before they show up using other methods. 



by Rick Fischer, C.H.H.C.

"[HTMA] may be the most important health test that exists… Only when you and your doctor know for sure your mineral status and important ratios can you adapt your diet, minerals and supplements to work toward proper balance." 
~Dr. Robert Thompson, MD (author of The Calcium Lie, deemed to be in the top 5 percent of US physicians)

The power of HTMA lays in the correct interpretation of the results. Unfortunately not everyone offering HTMA is properly trained to understand the data.

Learn what key

things to look out for

when deciding who

to work with.